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English to Tamil Translator

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There is no automatic English to Tamil Translator available in the internet. Some AI Programmes are under Development.You can Transliterate (English -> Tamil) is only available.

The tool listed below is a standalone Tamil writing tool when typing Tamil on the first textbox in english it converts the corresponding Tamil letters on the second textbox. A sample conversion is listed in the table below.

Type Tamil Here

Type tamil text in english here. The tamil will appear on the box below.

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Copy the tamil text from here.

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The Tamil vowels:

a aa, A i ee, I u oo, U
e ae, E ai o oa, O au
Ahh, H

The Tamil Consonants:

g, k, kh, c க் nG ங் ch ச் j ஜ் nY ஞ்
d, t ட் nN ண் dh, th த் N ந் n ன்
b, bh ப் m ம் y ய் r ர் R ற்
l ல் L ள் zh ழ் v, w வ்
sh ஷ் s ஸ் h ஹ் f ஃப்

Letters like g and k represent the same thamizh letter. So, "akhilaa", "akilaa", "agilaa", "acilaa" all give "அகிலா"

To get the complete syllable, suffix it with an "a". For eg., "pa" is "ப".

For half syllables, stop with the code for that syllable alone. For eg., "zh" is "ழ்". The general rule of thumb is that with two touching syllables, the former syllable is a half syllable. So, "chcha" is "ச்ச". The syllable "ங்" has to be typed out as "ng" and it is usually followed by a "k". As in, "thangkai" "தங்கை".

Some Tamil examples

vijay விஜய்
vidhyaa வித்யா
lathaa லதா
latchumiNaaraayanNan லட்சுமிநாராயணன்
akhilaa அகிலா
pirathaap பிரதாப்
bharath பரத்
kirushnNaswAmi கிருஷ்ணஸ்வாமி

This is a Stand alone conversion methode. Type Tamil in English (Tamil+English) and get Tamil unicode output.

The code this page uses is modified form of Vijay Lakshminarayanan's Indian Language Converter.

Can't Read Tamil . Install Tamil Font and try again.

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